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    Find Friends on your own server!

    This plugin has been tested in Minecraft version 1.8.8 on a Java 8 BungeeCord/Spigot server. It should also work on higher Minecraft version.
    However, we do not give any guarantee!


    - Serveral languages (German, English)
    - Configurable (all Messages, Commands and other values)


    /friend list - Shows a list of all friends of a player.
    /friend togglejump - Disables jumping to friends.
    /friend togglemessage - Disables receiving private messages.
    /friend togglenotify - Disables receiving online/offline notifications.
    /friend acceptall - Accepts all open friend requests.
    /friend denyall - Rejects all open friend requests.
    /friend clear - Removes all friends from the friends list.
    /friend add <name> - Sends a friend request to a player.
    /friend remove <name> - Ends the friendship with a player.
    /friend accept <name> - Accepts the friendship request from a player.
    /friend deny <name> - Rejects the friend request from a player.
    /friend jump <name> - Connects to the server of the specified player.


    1. Download the FriendSystem.jar file and move it from the download folder to the plugins folder of your BungeeCord server.
    2. Now you can restart the server and it has created a folder with Configs and the languages.
    3. Please enter the received licensekey in the config.yml and adjust all other settings (e.g. the MySQL credentials) to your server!
    4. Restart the server again and the plugin should be loaded successfully! If an error occurs, please contact the customer support.


    License: LicensekeyThe licensekey you get after purchase.
    Language: en-ENYour language for all messages.
    LanguageDir: ./plugins/BanSystem/languagesLanguages folder.
    MySQLYour MySQL credentials
    Friend.OnlineOfflineNotifyDe-/Activates generally the OnlineOfflineNotification.
    Friend.MSGCommand.enabledDe-/Activates the MSG Command (/msg) and the Reply Command (/r)
    Friend.MSGCommand.onlytofriendsSets whether or not direct messages can only be sent to friends.
    Friend.MaxFriendsSets the maximum number of friends.
    You can edit all messages in your "(de-DE).lang" file in the "languages" folder.


    - friend.maximum.ignore -> Ignores the friend limit (see Config).