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BungeeCord 1.8.8
BungeeCord 1.8.8-1.16

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    Produkt Beschreibung

    Play a party with all your friends.

    This plugin was tested in Minecraft version 1.8.8 on a Java 8 server. It should also work on higher Minecraft version.
    But we give no guarantee!


    – Several languages (see Config – German, English)
    – All around configurable (all messages, commands and values)


    /party list – Shows all members of your party.
    /party disband – Disband your party.
    /party leave – Leaves the current party.
    /party invite <playername> – Invite a player to your party.
    /party join <playername> – Join a player’s party.
    /party deny <playername> – Denies a player’s request.
    /party kick <playername> – Kicks a player from your party.
    /party promote <playername> – Kicks a player out of your party.
    /party demote <playername> – Degrade a player in your party.


    1. download the PartySystem.jar file and move it from the download folder to the plugins folder of your BungeeCord server.
    2. now you can restart the server and it has created a folder with Configs and the languages.
    3. please enter the received licensekey in the config.yml and adjust all other settings to your server!
    4. restart the server again and the plugin should be loaded successfully!
    Should an error occur, please contact the Support.


    License: LicensekeyThe licensekey you get after purchase.
    Language: en-ENYour language for all messages.
    LanguageDir: ./plugins/PartySystem/languagesLanguages folder.
    Party.MaxPartiesThe maximum number of parallel running parties. Recommended: 100-200.
    MaxUsersPerPartyThe maximum number of players in a party. Recommended 10-20.
    You can edit all messages in your "(en-EN).lang" file in the "languages" folder.
    Featured Developer
    2.5 out of 5


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