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    Product description

    The BungeeCord sulotion with a great variety off features and easy extensibility.

    It has been tested for Minecraft versions 1.8 - 1.19 with Java 17 and runs without any problems. Problems might occur with other versions.Features:

    Easy to use: Very beginner friendly
    Highly customizable
    Player Profile, global storage of player infos
    CloudNet compatible or standalone use
    CloudNet multi proxy possible

    Basic Commands:

    /bungeecontrol - control the features of the system
    /broadcast - broadcast messages to all players currently online
    /jumpto - connect directly to a player or server
    /move - move a player to a specific server
    /ping - check your current ping
    /playtime - show your playtime
    /proxy - show your currently connected proxy (only available on CloudNet)
    /pull - move a player directly to your server
    /teamchat - chat globally with other team members

    Addons and Commands

    SyncBungee (included)

    Set player counts, motds and whitelist modes, when used on CloudNet it's synced over all proxies.

    o /syncbungee - control the features of the syncbungee addon
    LabyMod (included)

    Adds features to the server when using LabyMod client

    o /subtitle - set a custom subtitle (only available with the LabyMod client)
    JoinMe (available here)

    Create server wide announcements that your playing this game

    o /joinme - create a new joinme on your current server

    o /joinmetokens - show your joinme tokens or edit tokens as admin
    ProxyCheck (available here)

    Check if players are using a proxy or vpn and prevent them from joining.
    ReportSystem (available here)

    An integration to report players who violate rules

    o /report - report players or proccess reports as team member


    bungeesystem.command.syncbungee – permission to use /syncbungee
    syncbungee.bypass.devList – bypass for dev whitelist
    syncbungee.bypass.teamList – bypass for team whitelist
    syncbungee.bypass.playerLimit – bypass for player limit

    joinme.bypassDelay - bypass the /joinme cooldown
    joinme.infiniteTokens - create joinmes with any token
    bungeesystem.command.joinme - permission to use /joinme
    bungeesystem.command.joinme.connect - permission to connect to created joinmes
    bungeesystem.command.joinmetokens - permission to use /joinmetokens
    bungeesystem.command.joinmetokens.admin - permission to use /joinmetokens admin commands

    Featured Developer
    3.89 von 5

    2 reviews for BungeeSystem

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      Horst Mohrmann (Verified owner) -

      Wurde auf die 1.20 geupdatet funktioniert jetzt cooles plugin!

    2. User avatar

      Horst Mohrmann (Verified owner) -

      Is Relatively Good only in the 1.20 stands there an error "Not found language German (De)!" and this error can not be changed somehow in the configuration (So set to English or so)

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