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MLG-RUSH like on big servers | + STATSWAND, Config, ... | 1.8


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MySQL Server

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    Product description

    MLG Rush
    MLG-Rush is now a very common game mode. It was developed for BedWars training and
    is almost impossible to imagine servers without it. Even GommeHD.net, Minesucht.net, Teamkyudo and manyothers.
    many English-language Minecraft servers have this mode.
    MLG-Rush is very popular among players, which is why a plugin if your server does not already have one.
    might attract a lot of players!

    If you're interested in a good MLG Rush plugin, check out this one! ^^

    This plugin was recoded from scratch = Better quality!

    The following features are included in this plugin.
    - Lobby
    - /forcestart (GUI & Command)
    - Self-adjustable inventory sorting
    - Premiumjoin
    - MySQL Stats
    - Static wall
    Config to set messages, etc
    - Simple setup
    - World Protection
    - Scoreboard
    Commands / Permissions.
    /build - mlgrush.build
    /forcestart - mlgrush.forcestart
    Featured Developer
    5 from 5


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