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SkyWars × 1.8.8 - 1.12.2 × The best SkyWars × As on large servers.


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Spigot 1.8.8 - 1.12.2
MySQL Server

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    SkyWars is among the most popular game modes in German-speaking countries! The plugin comes fully equipped with the most important functions and reaches the level of large networks with them! So gaming fun is definitely guaranteed with this. Play SkyWars on your own server within 10 minutes after purchase!

    With this plugin you have only small limits in terms of team size. You can have up to 12 teams play against each other, which can include an unlimited number of players. Teams can be entered via the item in the lobby phase.

    MultiMap, MapVoting, Map Rating


    You can add as many SkyWars maps as you like. Whether a random map should be chosen, which can only be changed by authorized players with the ForceMap function or players can vote for their favorite map in the lobby phase using the MapVoting item, can be set in the huge config.

    To make it easier for players to make their decision, you can also enable a map rating feature that allows players to rate the map once with a 1 - 5 star rating for other players. The rating can later be displayed in the MapVoting Item, ForceMap GUI and Scoreboard.

    Statswand + StatsSystem + CoinsAPI Support


    In order to compare oneself with players and to show one's skills publicly, a common stat wall has been integrated. Any number of heads can be added to the stats wall (TOP 10, etc.). There is a monthly and lifetime stat wall.

    You can also display your stats and the stats of other players. With /stats the monthly played stats are displayed, with /statsall the lifetime stats.

    If you want to credit your players with global coins on your network for kills, mined beds and won rounds, you can do this with any CoinsAPI that Vault supports!

    Huge Config + Create your own kits + Fill your own crates, Chest-Refill


    Through a large Config you are given many setting options. So you can configure everything from the scoreboard, messages to the content of the boxes (with percentage probability!) To your liking. This sets you apart from the others, because even if this system is bought, you can be individual!

    You want to bring more tension into the game? Activate the automatic chestrefill - you can also configure this as you wish.

    You are also given the option to create your own kits and set the price, name and inventory independently. To display the kits nicely, they can be browsed through a simple page system.

    Spectators, PremiumJoin, CloudSystem Support


    If friends or moderators want to watch the game, they can enter the round in in-game mode and will be put into a spectator mode. They can also teleport to other players with a compass.

    Premium players, YouTubers or team members can enter a SkyWars round - even if it is full - with the PremiumJoin. Thus, a player without this right will be kicked out of the lobby phase. This encourages players to buy ranks.

    If you use a cloud system, the SkyWars plugin tries to work with its interfaces as good as possible. CloudNET v2 & v3 and TimoCloud 5 are supported via the API.

    Small Features - Big Impact: LabyMod Support, Achievements, Next Round


    Sometimes it's the little things in life. You can display coins or a watermark directly to the user thanks to the LabyMod Server API Support.

    Your players can earn achievements while playing and get rewarded for it.

    After a round or as a spectator, players can be sent directly to a new round via item (only usable in combination with Cloud). Features that make this plugin unique!

    Commands & Permission


    " /forcestart | skywars.gamesetup | Start the round earlier

    "/setcoins | skywars.setcoins | Set the coins of a player

    "/addmap | skywars.setup | Add new map

    " /addheadmonthly | skywars.setup | Add a head to the MONTHLY stat wall

    "/addheadlifetime | skywars.setup | Add a head to the LIFETIME stat wall

    "/stats | Show your or others MONTHLY statistics

    "/statsall | Show your or other LIFETIME statistics

    "/coins | Show your current coins

    "/ssdisable | Disable via command the recording of stats

    "Join a full round (PremiumJoin) | skywars.premiumjoin

    "Run the setup | skywars.setup

    " Own all kits | skywars.allkits

    "Boost the coins you receive at the end of the round as a premium player on a percentage basis | skywars.booster

    " Content Creator Achievement Ability (important) | skywars.achievement.contentcreator

    "Admin Achievement Ability (important) | skywars.achievement.admin

    Free of chargee updates included!


    No one has to pay anything twice here. With a one-time purchase you get full access to the product and all updates until the end of this online presence!



    Written in Java 8 with Spigot 1.8.8, usable up to Spigot 1.12.2
    Since Java supports a very good backward compatibility, you can use the plugin also with higher Java versions.

    Support on my Discord: https://discord.gg/jFqzux2

    Featured Developer
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      metelmc.com (Verified owner) -

      Top plugin, everything works perfectly. Bote100 is simply the best 😉

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