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TTT ● The best TTT ● Config, MapSystem, Cloud support ● Like on big servers [Digital].

Trouble in Minecraft is a very established strategy game on large Minecraft servers! Attention, logical thinking & tactics are part of the gameplay and makes TTT a very sought after mode.
After the maximum 12 players have waited for the 30-second protection/lobby phase, the players will be divided into 3 groups (Detectives, Traitor, Innocents). The task is to wipe out the terrorists before they kill innocent people. But be careful: don't kill innocent people yourself and pay attention to your surroundings!

Private Server System for CloudNET 2 | 1.8.4 - 1.16.5 | The YourMCShop ORIGINAL [Digital]

You want to offer your players a possibility to create private game servers, offer a cool new feature for premium players and increase your revenue? And on top of that see and manage all important information in the webinterface? Then this is the right system for you!

MLG-RUSH like on big servers | + STATSWAND, Config, ... | 1.8 [Digital]

MLG-Rush is now a very common game mode. It was developed for BedWars training and it is almost impossible to imagine servers without it. Even GommeHD.net, Minesucht.net, Teamkyudo and many many English Minecraft servers have this mode. MLG-Rush is very popular among players, so if your server doesn't have one yet, a plugin might attract many players!

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MySQL Server, CloudNET 2

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    " Minigames Bundle ● Private Server, TTT, MLGRush"
    You are interested in several products from me and want to buy cheaper at the same time?
    Here is the minigame bundle including private server system, TTT and MLGRush. Start your minigame server now - at a great price!
    View MLGRush: https://www.yourmcshop.com/product/mlg-rush-wie-auf-grossen-servern-sourcecode-stats-config-1-8/
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