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ServerMenu | Verwalte deine Server über ein Inventar! [Digital]

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Eine MySQL Datenbank (getestet mit MariaDB)

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    What is ServerMenu?


    ServerMenu is a management system for BungeeCord server networks.

    With this plugin you can display and control all connected servers with information via an inventory.


    What can ServerMenu do?


    – No cloud system is needed!

    – Display information about all connected servers (port, MOTD, players)

    – Control servers via inventory (stop, reload, show all players, execute commands)

    – Filter servers by name, MOTD, port and number of players







    1. write me via Discord to get a license.


    2. put the ServerMenu_bukkit on all subservers and the ServerMenu_bungee on the proxy.


    Start all sub-servers and the proxy. 4.


    Enter your license in the config.yml file. 5.


    5. put your MySQL data in mysql.yml.


    6. restart all servers.


    Please read before buying!


    This plugin has been tested on versions 1.8.8-1.16.1 and requires a MySQL database.

    The plugin is only useful if you have a BungeeCord network with at least 2 servers.

    The plugin only works if all game servers (proxy included) are on the same server.

    You need a license to run this plugin, it is server bound.

    As soon as you bought the plugin, please contact me via Discord and write me the IP of your server and a proof of purchase, I will send you the license as soon as possible. You can write me privately (SkillCode#9999) or enter a support channel on my Discord server (, ID: 556864477241409536).


    If you still have questions or need help, feel free to contact me here:


    or: SkillCode#9999


    Terms of use:

    The money is non-refundable.

    You are not allowed to decompile this plugin!

    You may not give this plugin to anyone!

    You may not resell this plugin!

    You may not pass this plugin off as your own!

    0 out of 5

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