Open weekdays (Mon – Fri) from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

DISCORD – Create a ticket on Discord

TWITTER – Write us a direct message

E-mail – Write us an e-mail


How do I reach the customer support?

You can reach our customer support via the points listed above!

How do I create a ticket?

You can create a ticket via our discord in the #ticket-support channel or on our website via the support button in the order overview.

How long does it take for my ticket to be answered?

This we can not say exactly, because your ticket must also be forwarded depending on the problem / question and this takes time. Also things like illness or vacation can delay the processing!

What status can my order have?

Your order may have the following status:

“Payment pending” – The order has not been paid yet.

“In Process” – The payment needs to be manually verified.

“Completed” – The order is ready and completed.

“On hold” – The order needs to be checked manually.

My order is in process. What does it mean?

It may occasionally happen that we have to manually verify their payment with our payment providers. This is to protect our sellers. We therefore ask you in such a case for patience. However, you can of course create a ticket.

I no longer have my license key. What should I do now?

Generally you can view all orders with license keys under My Account (! If you still need help, create a ticket with your order number.


How do I get the developer rank on the Discord server?

Once you sell a product on YourMcShop you can get the developer rank via a ticket on our Discord server.

How long does it take for my product to be activated?

The products are checked by us personally. Accordingly, it may sometimes take a little longer. However, we will try to finish the review as soon as possible!

How does the payout work?

You can request a payout in your Shop Manager!

How long will it take for my requested payout to be processed?

The payouts are usually made on a weekly basis. But it is a manual process, so it can be delayed sometimes.

Do I need a company as a developer?

You should follow the appropriate legal requirements in your country.