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Ban system


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BungeeCord 1.8.8-1.18
BungeeCord 1.8.8-1.18

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    Product description


    The plugin is a BanSystem designed for BungeeCord with very many functions!

    It has been tested for Minecraft versions 1.8 - 1.19 with Java 17 and runs without problems. Problems might occur with other versions.

    Special features:

    - Configurable data storage (MySQL, File)
    - Lock players for an individual time (/ban & /tempban)
    - Exclude players from chat (/mute & /tempmute)
    - Create own templates (/bt add & /mt add)
    - Mute or ban after certain templates (/mt & /bt)
    - IP bans (can be disabled)
    - Get ban statistics about players (/banstatistic)
    - Notification messages for e.g. team members
    - Chat filters for configurable terms
    - Chatlog system
    - Auto-mute system with configurable templates
    - All messages are configurable
    - Easy setup with /bansetup


    /bansetup - Setup to set up the plugin.
    /ban - Permanently ban a player from the network.
    /unban - Unbans a player.
    /tempban - Temporarily ban a player from the network.
    /bt - Bans a player using a previously set template.
    /bt add - Adds a template for a ban.
    /ebr - Changes the ban reason from the active ban of a player.
    /mute - Permanently ban a player from the chat.
    /unmute - Unbans a player from the chat.
    /tempmute - Temporarily bans a player from the chat.
    /mt - Bans a player from the chat using a previously set template.
    /mt add - Adds a template for a mute.
    /emr - Changes the reason of a player's active chatban.
    /banlog - Displays all past and active bans of a player.
    /mutelog - Displays all past and active chatbans of a player.
    /banstatistic - Shows how many players have been banned by the specified person in the specified duration.
    /bansystem reload - Reloads the configurations from the data store.
    /bansystem block word - Blocks/unblocks a word.
    /bansystem whitelist word - Adds a word to the whitelist (chat filter ignores the word).
    /bansystem whitelist server - Adds a server to the whitelist (chat filter ignores the server).
    /bansystem whitelist firstmessage - Adds a server to the whitelist (first message time is ignored).
    /bansystem add checkedCommand - Adds a command that is checked by the chat filter.
    /bansystem automute - Adds a word to the automute, then we mute for the template with the ID.



    1. download the BanSystem.zip file and move it from the download folder to the plugins folder on your BungeeCord server.
    1. there you can unzip the file and you will get a .jar file. The .zip file can be deleted. 3.
    3. now you can restart the server to activate the plugin. 4. now enter the server.
    4. now enter the server and type /bansetup. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
    If an error occurs, please contact customer support.


    - After the setup you can set the MySQL connection with /bansetup mysql, because by default the data storage is set to files.
    - In the auth.json in the BanSystem folder you can adjust your authentication data.
    - In the settings.json you can change your settings.
    - In mysql.json, if you have enabled data storage via MySQL, you can adjust your connection data to MySQL.
    - In the data folder in the BanSystem you can view all data storage data, if you have enabled data storage via files.
    - In languages folder in BanSystem you can customize all messages and languages.


    *The suffix ".notify" is for notification when the associated command has been executed!

    - bansystem.command.tempban -> Command: /tempban
    - bansystem.command.tempban.notify -> Notification*

    - bansystem.command.ban -> Command: /ban
    - bansystem.command.ban.notify -> Notification*

    - bansystem.command.tempmute -> Command: /tempmute
    - bansystem.command.tempmute.notify -> Notification*

    - bansystem.command.mute -> Command: /mute
    - bansystem.command.mute.notify -> Notification*

    - bansystem.command.unmute -> Command: /unmute
    - bansystem.command.unmute.notify -> Notification*

    - bansystem.command.unban -> Command: /unban
    - bansystem.command.unban.notify -> Notification*

    - bansystem.command.banlog -> Command: /banlog
    - bansystem.command.mutelog -> Command: /mutelog

    - bansystem.command.bantemplate -> Command: /bt
    - bansystem.command.bantemplate.add -> Command: /bt add
    - bansystem.command.bantemplate.notify -> Notification*

    - bansystem.command.mutetemplate -> Command: /mt
    - bansystem.command.mutetemplate.add -> Command: /mt add
    - bansystem.command.mutetemplate.notify -> notification*.

    - bansystem.command.editbanreason -> Command: /ebr
    - bansystem.command.editbanreason.notify -> notification*.

    - bansystem.command.editmutereason -> Command: /emr
    - bansystem.command.editmutereason.notify -> notification*.

    - bansystem.command.banstatistic -> Command: /banstatistic
    - bansystem.setup -> Command: /bansetup
    - bansystem.command -> Command: /bansystem
    - bansystem.command.reload -> Command: /bansystem reload
    - bansystem.command.whitelist -> Command: /bansystem whitelist
    - bansystem.command.block -> Command: /bansystem block
    - bansystem.command.add -> Command: /bansystem add
    - bansystem.command.automute -> Command: /bansystem automute

    - bansystem.kick.god -> Can only be kicked by others with the permission.
    - bansystem.ban.god -> Can be banned only by others with the permission.

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      kesofchristos (Verified owner) -


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      Julianfob (Verified owner) -

      Good plugin. Would add a kick command

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      marek.weilemann (Verified owner) -

      Is a good ban system but even cooler it would be with a /Kick command and have another question where can you set the where can you set because endbanungsandrag page

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